28 Aug - 3 Sep 2015 #773

Balance sheet

Ramesh Sapkota, Naya Patrika, 23 August

Nepali Congress Income

  • Active membership fee: Rs 200 for membership and Rs 100 for renewal. NC collected Rs 31.7 million from its 317,000 members last year and hopes to increase its membership to 600,000 next year.

  • Levy from CA members: Each CA member from the party is levied a charge of Rs 5,000 monthly, earning the party over Rs 1 million last year.

  • Donations: The party raised Rs 30 million during its annual convention.


  • Office expenses: NC has employed 24 people to work at its central office and spends about Rs 550,000 on salary every month. Other utility expense including phone charge, electricity fee and repair and maintenance of vehicles amount to over Rs 57,000 per month.

  • Leaders’ food expenses: The party doesn’t provide its leaders food allowance, but special meals are served at every party meeting.

  • Convention expenses: The party claims it spent over Rs 10 million for housing and food expenses for its members during its annual convention.

CPN UML Income

  • Levy from CA members: The party raises Rs 22 million from CA members levied a monthly charge of Rs 10,000. It also asks for a 10% share from the income of those members who received political posts after the party’s recommendations.

  • Membership renewal: Collects Rs 10 each month from its 258,671 members and last year raised over Rs 25.8 million.

  • Donations and support: Gets donations from its supporters and well-wishers during elections. This process is not fully transparent.


  • Salary for central members: Provides Rs 10,000 salary to its central members. 127 out of 184 members receive this salary.

  • Expenses for party wings: Spends about Rs 4 million yearly on its youth wings and sister organisations, paying each organisation Rs 25,000 monthly.

  • Misc. expenses: Has employed 25 workers in its office and spends about Rs 3.5 million on them. It also bears the costs of its leaders’ travel and fuel expenses 

UCPN Maoist Income

  • Levy from CA members: Raises Rs 12,000 as levy from its 84 CA members every month totalling Rs 1 million monthly.

  • Levy from party members: Claims party has not raised levy from its members because its structure is in a mess.

  • Donations and support: Raises donations during elections and conventions. Not fully transparent.


  • Office expenses: Spends Rs 800,000 every month.

  • Health expenses for leaders: Supports leaders financially when they need treatment, but a proposal must be submitted to the office prior to treatment.

  • Other expenses: Spends most of its money on its annual convention, for which it must pay for the food and housing expenses of thousands of its members.