3-9 July 2015 #765

Searching for son

Devaki Bista in Himal Khabarpatrika, 28 June-4 July

Every time a person visits the village of Dadhikot, Devraj Khadka hopes she has brought some news on the whereabouts of his son Sabin, who has been missing since the 25 April earthquake.

Sabin Khadka, 27, a Captain in the Nepal Army was posted at Langtang National Park when the earthquake struck. Ten other soldiers are also missing after an avalanche wiped out the entire area. Only the body of Keshav Bista was later recovered.


Devraj was bedridden with fever when the news of Sabin going missing reached the family, three days after the earthquake. He immediately packed his bags and left for Dhunche to search for his son. Unable to get any information, Khadka returned home dejected.

Since then he has made the same trip thrice and handed out Sabin’s photos along with his own contact details to dozens but any news, good or bad, is still to reach the family.

On 22 June, when we reached Khadka’s residence, the family was performing a puja for Sabin’s welfare- it was his birthday. Although the past two months has been nightmarish, the family still hasn’t lost hope, “We will continue searching for our son till the day we die,” said Khadka.

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