9-15 January 2015 #740

Extortion terror

Karobar, 6 January

At a time when the deadline for the new constitution nears and the political transition is in a sensitive phase, CPN-M Maoists of the Netra Bikram Chand (Biplab) faction have started extorting business all over the country. Traders and businessmen have started turning their mobile phones off and not coming to their offices and shops in order to avoid the extortion demands. “They are sowing terror in the entire business community,” said Pashupati Murarka of the FNCCI. Parties inside the Constituent Assembly, including members of the 31-member group led by the UCPN(M) are also involved in extortion, and using the excuse of organising mass meetings to raise money. The targets are businessmen, shopkeepers, schools, contractors, civil servants, VDC secretaries and ordinary people.

The CPN-M’s Padam Rai said: “We are not hermits, of course we need to raise money for our political organisation, and that is why we have asked people to donate money to us.” Police Chief of the mid-western region Keshar Bahadur Shahi said there had been a flurry of complaints from businesses about extortion in recent days. “Some have lodged written complaints, while others are more careful because of the fear of repercussions,” Shahi said.

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