31 Oct - 6 Nov 2014 #730

Federal later

Balram Pandey in Nagarik, 29 October

The major parties are now looking to prepare the first draft of the constitution and decide on federalism later. A meeting of Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (PDCC) discussed this idea after it couldn’t reach a consensus on the names and number of states by its 31 October deadline.

“Why don’t we solve the issues we can agree on now, like form of governance, electoral process, judiciary and how states will be formed,” said NC leader Gagan Thapa at the PDCC meeting. “We could make this first draft public and see what people say about it.”

Thapa also proposed that leaders could seek consensus on contentious subjects after getting feedback on their proposals instead of deciding to vote on it.

“We still can’t decide whether to take this to voters and also what to vote on, so discussing these will only create obstacles to constitution writing,” said Thapa.

Sadhbhavana Party leader and PDCC member Laxman Lal Karn also agreed with Thapa, saying that prolonged discussion about what to include for voting would only mean the PDCC would miss its deadline.

“I think it is best to prepare a first draft by including a list of contentious issues and the different proposals to address them so that we can get people’s feedback,” said Karn. “Playing the numbers game in the CA will only dilute trust in each other.”