3-9 May 2013 #654

Weekly bazar poll #11

In weekly polls conducted with the support of The Asia Foundation, Himal Khabarpatrika asks 375 respondents in 14 cities across Nepal every Monday for their opinion on contemporary issues. This week’s result of interviews about CPN-M’s stance against general elections:

1. What do you think about Mohan Baidya’s opposition to Regmi’s government holding polls?

Not right: 66.6%

Right: 18%

Don’t know: 13.7%

Won’t say: 1.7%

2. How should the CPN-M be cajoled into taking part in elections?

Roundtable talks: 38.1%

Inclusion into advisory political mechanism: 30.2%

Revoke amendments and retire government: 20.6%

3. Do you think Baidya’s party can disrupt polls as it has been claiming?

No: 40.2%

Yes: 36.8%

Don’t know: 21.1%