8-14 November 2013 #680

“We don’t want charity CA seats”

Outline News Service, 3 November

Interview with CPN-M Chairman Mohan Baidya.

Outline News Service: The government is ready to mobilise the army. Do you think polls will be held on 19 November?

Mohan Baidya: Mobilising the army just to hold elections means that the parties have failed at politics.    But the government and parties seem very sure of elections taking place on time. What will you do?

We will boycott it, as will the people. We will not let it be successful.

 Will you only boycott or also disrupt?

The people will do what they desire. We will boycott peacefully. But the people are angry and they may disrupt it.

Your cadre have been attacking candidates. Have you lost faith in the rule of law?

 We believe in the rule of law. It is the four-party syndicate who made illegal amendments to the constitution. Why did they submit the executive to the judiciary? They have trampled democratic principles. The people are angry about this, that’s why these incidents have occurred.

Are you planning to go underground?

We are with the people and we will always be amongst them. I don’t know who is giving you these misleading reports.

The state says it is capable of taking your party under control if the situation gets out of hand.

The media keeps on saying that the government is taking us seriously and that they are taking extra precautions, but we’re not quick to believe any of this.

 The parties seem willing to accommodate the CPN-M by offering readymade seats in the second CA? What are your thoughts?

Rubbish. It’s wrong and childish to make such proposals. We won’t accept it because we are not into politics for charity CA seats. We are fighting for justice for the people. If we wanted seats we would have fielded candidates.

Ministers are saying that instead of inciting violence like criminals, you would have gone to the people if you were a political party.

The ones who underestimate the people always say such things. They only want to impose their ideals on others. We are carrying the people’s agenda and our popularity is growing every day.  

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