29 November-5 December 2013 #683

Second chance at nation building

Shreekamal Duwedi, Setopati, 26 November

In the last seven years, the country’s faltering economy went from bad to worse with thousands of people fleeing abroad for better opportunities. The same leaders who claimed to have fought a war to emancipate the marginalised, moved into lavish palaces. It was our mistake to have expected so much from such destructive minds. So this time round, the voters showed the Maoists what they truly thought of them.

Abraham Lincoln had once famously said, “You?can fool all the people some?of the?time and?some?of the people all the time,?but?you?cannot fool all the people all the time.” None of the parties in Nepal should underestimate the power of information. Today’s technology savvy Nepalis refuse to be fooled by the identity rhetoric that parties use to stay in power.

The once omnipresent force in Nepali politics, UCPN (M) have been sidelined in this election and the responsibility now falls on the shoulders of the Nepali Congress and UML to rescue us from the brink. This is their chance to redeem themselves and they must respect the people’s mandate by ushering in economic growth and prosperity. They need to be committed to nation building rather than getting stuck in endless power struggle in the cabinet.

Had the political parties been honest after the 1990 election and worked for the country, Nepal would have made remarkable progress by now. They now have an opportunity once again to set things right. So it is an earnest appeal from all Nepalis to the political leadership to rise above personal gain and drive the country towards the path of prosperity.