7- 13 November 2014 #731

Parliamentary hoax

pahilopost.com, 3 November

Maoist parliamentarians in Nepal have drawn the government’s attention to the prospect of the world being enveloped in darkness for six days, and asked what the authorities are doing about it.

Obviously, UCPN(M) CA member Janak Raj Joshi and Agni Sapkota ddin’t know that the postingss on social networking sites are a hoax, and raised the matter in parliament-legislature for the second day. Speaking during the Zero Hour of parliament on Monday, Joshi said: “The government needs to inform citizens about the six-day solar disturbance and what effect it will have.”

Joshi used to be the vice-chairman of the Poverty Alleviation Fund and a secretary at the National Planning Commission. He was among 26 nominated under the Maoist quota to the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing the country’s new constitution. Sapkota is the spokesman of the Maoist party.

On Sunday Sapkota had also raised a question in parliament: “What are the government’s preparations for the six days of darkness?”

The hoax had been repeated by many Nepali online portals and posted on Facebook and other social networking sites in Nepal.