29 November-5 December 2013 #683

Not this dog’s day

Rajan KC,mysansar.com, 23 November

My previous blog post outraged a lot of people whose world exists only on social media. The hatred they spewed in the comments showed that there was not much difference between the blind followers of political parties and the equally blind followers of the group Bibeksheel Nepali. After the Kukur party’s dismal performance at the ballot box, those who couldn’t stop praising the candidates and were attacking my article, must have realised that the realities of life are much different than how they appear in social media.

Unlike what they show in Bollywood movies, one cannot expect to become an alternative political power overnight. Coverage in the international press doesn’t help much either. To do politics, one must understand politics and the public’s psychology. Only then can they be more influential in spreading awareness. Only then will the public trust them and join their cause. I think the recently conducted poll has helped Bibeksheel Nepali assess its actual strength and understand the difference between getting one vote on election day versus thousands of likes on Facebook.

We need young people in politics, but they must have a good understanding of politics, of their country, of leadership, and know the importance of organisation. However, Bibeksheel Nepali candidates deserve our praise for carving out a niche for themselves in such a short time and getting far more votes than other independent aspirants. They now need to assure voters that casting their ballot for the dog did not go to waste. They need to maintain their clean image, ensure they actually do what they say, and are aware of their own faults before pointing out the failings of others.

This is just the beginning for Bibeksheel Nepali. I pray for their bright future and hope to see them as prime ministers and presidents one day. But once again I request them to move beyond social media and reach out to common Nepalis in the real world. To be a leader one must connect with the public on a deeper level. Social network is merely one medium of organisation, there are many others.

Votes for Bibeksheel Nepali

Govinda Narayan Timilsina, Kathmandu-1: 832

Santosh Pradhan, Kathmandu-4: 422

Ujjwal Bahadur Thapa, Kathmandu- 5: 1,163

Pukar Bam, Kathmandu-8: 660