15-21 March 2013 #647

KRR to the rescue

Editorial, Rajdhani, 14 March

As the four parties have almost reached a positive conclusion on a CJ-led government, the 20 fringe-parties led by the CPN-M took no time to announce protests against Khil Raj Regmi’s government. Governments may be replaced amidst opposing voices but what does this discontent mean for elections?

Since the next polls will elect both the parliament and Constituent Assembly, no party big or small should be left out of discussions on critical matters like state reconstruction. As it stands, there are huge differences within the NC and UML about this electoral government and it will be difficult for them to head to elections in such divided conditions. It is crucial that these parties stem their own leaders’ dissatisfaction before polls and also somehow convince the CPN-M and other parties.

Faced with so many challenges, Regmi’s government has to be very sensitive about how it moves ahead. At the same time, it has an immense opportunity to change the future course of the country. However, this latest agreement to make Regmi lead the electoral government will only be meaningful if he can restore Nepal’s derailed democracy by holding polls on time.

Editorial, Annapurna Post, 14 March

After months of deadlock, it looks like the path to elections has finally cleared up. It would have been better if the parties had settled on a candidate from within. Had the NC and UML agreed to be part of the Baburam Bhattarai-led electoral government, we would have been talking about poll results by now. But there is no point crying over spilt milk. At least the latest political consensus has taken us out of the dark.

The same man who did not extend the Constituent Assembly’s term now has the keys to the electoral government. And his biggest challenge will be to hold polls on time. He will also have to convince the fringe parties, who have been against him from day one, to participate in the election. The Nepal Bar Association and civil society have expressed serious concerns over the principles of power separation and independent judiciary. It will be crucial for Regmi to establish himself through action amidst widespread criticism.

The parties have handed Regmi the responsibility to implement the people’s right to vote. If he succeeds, the country will certainly head in a better direction. The parties deserve a pat on their back and good luck to Regmi.

Editorial, Nagarik, 14 March

The biggest achievement for the CJ-led government would be to hold free and fair elections. But if it tries to tackle other problems faced by the country, elections will be sidelined. The current government was formed on the basis of political consensus and it will be answerable to the same. It will lose meaning the day parties lose belief in it.

If this CJ-led government, which came into being after amendments were made to the constitution, can hold elections, it will have made an important contribution. We hope that Regmi and his team forget all previous biases and lead our politics towards healthy electoral competition in the future.

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