14-20 November 2014 #732

Better together

Interview with Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’, Kantipur, 13 November

Is your party about to split?

I must admit we have unnatural complications. We want to solve this issue at a meeting of the central committee on 19 November. We want to go forward with Netrabikram Chand’s faction.

Why do you think your party is breaking down only two years after splitting from the UCPN(M)?

We hope that there will be no divisions and no splits. There are problems in our party, as there are in the NC, UML, or UCPN(M). We will evaluate our differences because unity is the way forward.

What will you do about the Chand faction’s activities?

I don’t think he will form a new party right away. When I talked to him a week ago, he said he was keen to discuss these things at a meeting. First, we will find out what he wants and what kind of plan he has, and we will see what we can do with his intentions.

Maybe they are fed up because your party hasn’t forged an identity for itself?

That’s not right. We adopted a new pro-people stance. We talked about national integrity. And we were the main ones to talk about the rights of the poorest people.

Don’t you regret splitting from the UCPN(M)?

Yes, I felt sad, but that was only one of many incidents in my life. Sometimes splits are not good, but you can’t help it because that seems to be the only alternative. But it was necessary to break off from the UCPN(M), and I don’t regret that we did.

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