24-30 March 2017 #851

Beauty with brains

Bachhu Bk in Himal Khabarpatrika, 19-25 March

When reputed film maker Tulsi Ghimire asked 17-year-old Sahara Karki whether she wanted to act in a Nepali movie, she jumped at the opportunity. Now having spent a year working on the film, Karki is more than thrilled after the release of Ghimire’s Darpan Chhaya 2, a sequel of the 2001 hit which starred Niruta Singh, Dillip Rayamajhi and Uttam Pradhan. 

“Everyone is saying it is good, I am happy,” said the teen debutant. 

Sixteen years ago when Darpan Chhaya was released, it created waves and launched Nepali actress Niruta Singh’s career. After the movie, Singh went on to act in more than 40 films.  

Many have compared Karki to the famed actress and see her as another Niruta in the making. “On one hand I had never acted, on the other I didn’t know how to speak Nepali and didn’t understand much,” said Karki. “The director kept encouraging me,” said the actress, who sometimes doubted that she was fit for the role. Because of such challenges, getting accolades from the audience is not a small feat for Karki. 

After the successful release of the movie, Karki now wants to go back to the US, where she lives with her family. She plans to study bio-chemistry and hopes to return to Nepal only after completing her studies. Said Karki, who is already beginning to get offers to do more films: “I will only start doing movies once I am done studying.”