16-22 May 2014 #707

At Baluwatar

Jana Aastha, 14 May

Conversation at Baluwatar between NC, UML, and UCPN(M) leaders about appointments to the Supreme Court.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala: “The judiciary will be wrecked if you block everything we do. Is that what you really want?”

Law Minister Narahari Acharya: “We’ve done everything by the book. Looking at each case individually will be too much trouble.”NC’s Krishna Prasad Sitaula: “Exactly, it’s time to get this over and done with.”

Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat: “But some say dismissing temporary justices and promoting others is manipulation. It would be wrong to proceed if that turned out to be true.”

UML’s Madhav Nepal: “Let’s drop them if we are acting unconstitutionally, otherwise let us just nominate them.”

UCPN(M)’s Narayan Kaji Shrestha: “What do you mean by obstacles? Democracy is about checks and balances. You have to investigate each case separately. What are the reasons for dismissing temporary justices and recommending 8 names for 16 posts?”

UML’s Ishwar Pokhrel: “Our official stance is that we shouldn’t pass this at all.”

UML’s Bamdev Gautam: “We will come back with our official position after discussing this at a meeting.”

UCPN(M)’s Pushpa Kamal Dahal: “You have been planning to capture the Supreme Court for 20 years. Not one of those recommended justices meet the criteria.”

Sushil Koirala: “Why are you obstructing everything? Don’t you want us to get anything done?”

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