3-9 April 2015 #752

Dogs go organic

A probiotic supplement to protect the gastrointestinal tract, aid in digestion and boost immunity in dogs
Ayesha Shakya

From organic farming to consuming natural, untainted produce, humans are increasingly inclining towards following an organic lifestyle. Now, man’s best friend also wants in.

A Nepali firm has collaborated with a Danish company to produce canine dietary supplements. Biosa Denmark and Biosa Nepal teamed up to produce Pet Biosa -- a probiotic supplement made up of beneficial microorganisms, organic acids and 19 different herb extracts to protect the pet’s gastrointestinal tract, aid in digestion and boost immunity in dogs.

“Although Pet Biosa is relatively new in the local market, there is a big push for pro-biotic supplements. With the help of these good bacteria, the dog’s immune system is reverted to its natural state,” says Abiral Pant of Biosa Nepal.

Pet Biosa contains a much higher concentration of pro-biotic ingredients than similar products in the mass market.

Following positive results from several trial procedures carried out with vets, kennel clubs and breeders, the product entered the market in January 2015. It is being sold in over 30 retail outlets in Kathmandu and is being used by Mount Everest Kennel Club and Royal Kennel Club.

“Using Pet Biosa improved the digestion of our kennel dogs and helped improve their appetite. Furthermore, their coats became thicker and shinier. Since it is a natural product, there are no side-effects and can be used synergistically with other medicines or antibiotics if needed,” says Pratik Man Pradhan, a vet at the Mount Everest Kennel Club.

To track the benefits, Pradhan tested out Pet Biosa on a selective group of dogs. Within a week, improvements were seen in the group using the product: their immunity improved and respiratory problems also lessened.

The positive effects were noticed by Him KC of Royal Kennel Club who first tested the product on his own dog. Within a few days, the Cocker Spaniel had a better appetite, became more active and some of her bald spots on her coat started filling in.

Established in 2002 by Erik Nielsen, Biosa Denmark has branched out to 25 countries across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. It was formally set up in Nepal in 2011 through support of the Danish Embassy.

Pant says Pet Biosa is a local product backed by European technology. It wants to expand to Bangladesh and tap the vast Indian pet food market next door.