11 - 24 October 2013 #677

Nepali Tweets


Khum Bahadur is definitely corrupt, but even he couldn’t match the corruption levels of Prachanda, Hisila, and Mahara.


The difference in 3G speeds in Kathmandu and elsewhere is a testimony to the wide gap between the capital city and other districts.


I miss home badly despite going there a few times a year. I can’t imagine the plight of those who’ve been displaced from their homes.


Most people turn vegetarian because of their health, so please stop advising people to change their food habits. Let people decide what they want to eat.


Dasain fever has gripped Facebook. People are putting tika and jamara on Salman Khan.


The people who went to welcome Khum Bahadur are the same ones who will go to election booths to choose new Khum Bahadurs.


If colourful Dasain cards are printed for Rs 5, why does printing election ballot paper cost so much? Where does all the money go?


All Nepali communists should be sent to North Korea and Cuba where there is no internet to use Facebook and Twitter and not a morsel to eat.