8-14 February 2013 #642

Nepali tweets

Sagar Ghimire

The lights went off in group three yesterday, a day later there is still no electricity. Did the doctor take all the power to Hetauda?

Milan Timilsena मिलन

The way the Maoists revamped Hetauda for their general convention shows that they are not only experts at destroying and ruining things, they also know how to build. If only they would spruce up the country just like the convention ground.

Newa Bhaju

Have you heard Prachanda’s newest analysis yet? He says Nepal is now no longer a semi-colonial state, it is gradually becoming an independent state. Ha ha ha.

Ananta Koirala

Nepal’s communists say they will turn Nepal into Switzerland, why don’t they say they will turn Nepal into an actual communist state like Cuba or China? #Confused


A conversation between two youngsters in Koteswor that I overheard: “Flattery, bootlicking, source force, no strong connections to people in power? Then apply for a passport.”

Tanka Khanal

The disease that inflicts Nepali politics: when the ears are open the eyes are shut, when the eyes are open the ears are shut, and when both are fine the brain stops working. No cure.

Devendra R Bhattarai

Uff. After coming to Kuwait I realised that being a woman is the same as being a cattle in a marketplace. Bargaining for both happens by beating their chests. How upsetting.