7- 13 November 2014 #731


Talk by photographer Charles O’Rear
Nepali Times

In January 1996, Charles O'Rear was driving through Napa Valley in California and photographed a green, lush hillside on the side of the highway. He clicked the picture with a hand-held medium format Mamiya RZ67 camera. That photograph is now famous as the image that appears everytime you open the Microsoft Windows XP, and is called 'Bliss'. It has become one of the most viewed photographs in history.

O’Rear is in Nepal this week and will give a talk on his photography career, including with National Geographic for which he took the famous inflight pictures of wild geese from an ultralight. He has travelled widely, and taken images that have helped the draw attention to the need to protect the environment.

Charles O’Rear will be speaking at Yala Maya Kendra Patan Dhoka, at 9AM 14 November at an event jointly organized by the National Forum of Photojournalists (NFPJ) and Nepali Times.

To confirm attendance, email: editors@nepalitimes.com