13-19 February 2015 #745

Not Just Bigger

An easy decision for those looking for a seamless entertainment experience

Gone are the days when we’re in a store just looking for a bigger screen: We now demand higher resolution, better audio quality, and more than what a television basically does. The Toshiba’s Pro Theatre L5400 arrives with looks and hardware capabilities that make you question if there’s anything a television can’t do.

Powered with Android’s version 4.4.2 KitKat, you are instantly treated to an array of applications available on the Google Play Store, that allows you to play your mobile games on a beautiful 40” LED display, capable of displaying up to 1080p Full HD quality.

You may now sit back on your couch to enjoy your favourite videos since the Pro Theatre L5400 has enabled streaming from YouTube, and an integrated USB connection that supports up to 28 video formats. Toshiba has also decided to pair these features with the new dual core CEVOTM Engine Premium to enhance the audio, visual and gaming performances.

The redesigned compact speakers, which use the Labyrinth Speaker System together with other audio-enhancement capabilities like the Power Bass Booster, now offer a 50% improvement in sound performance from its predecessor.

What will really entice sports fans, on top of the Intelligent Auto View, is the Football/Cricket mode that promises you will catch all the live action in crisp clear display. It does this effectively by minimising the loss of details as a result of spotlights or glare, bringing the game to you with richer colours and sharper details.

The biggest hurdle to wireless connectivity is the speed of our internet broadband connection, as well as the distance between our devices to the wireless router. With a built-in Wi-Fi, there’s no need to worry about tangled wires and a temperamental internet connection. The Screen Mirroring feature works flawlessly to project mobile content onto the screen so the compatibility of file formats no longer matter.

The Toshiba’s Pro Theatre L5400’s sleek narrow bezel design is a real charmer with all these features, giving you the job of explaining to your guests how beautiful it looks and how well it works.

YANTRICK’S VERDICT: An easy decision to make for those looking for a seamless entertainment experience from a beautifully designed Smart TV, with connection options so good you wouldn’t ever need to leave the couch.