4-10 July 2014 #714

Surround good


You’ve set up your 55 inch HDTV, and it takes up half the wall in your living room. The picture quality is crisp, vibrant, and incredibly detailed, yet there is something missing. An audio experience to complete your home entertainment setup of course. Samsung’s HT-F5550K is one such home theater system. A 5.1 channel system that has it all: good looks, a host of features, and most importantly, awesome sound, at an affordable price.

Unboxing a new gadget always tickles Yantrick’s fancy, and right out of the box, the piano-black finish of the HT-F5550K exudes class. Although the four tower speakers, the front channel speaker, the woofer, and the Bluray console might seem like a lot to setup, initial assembly is quite straightforward, especially with the simple speaker setup mode.

Once the home theater setup is hooked up to your display, your average-sounding television days are effectively over, barring loadshedding hours. A dual core processor powers the HT-F5550K’s Samsung Smart Hub user interface, which is simple and intuitive. Its easy learning curve will have you whizzing around the selection of Samsung Apps, web browsing and more, in no time. The real magic begins when you insert your first Bluray disc. Boasting 1000 Watts of thundering sound, the HT-F5550K is a perfect companion especially for your 3D HDTV. The system’s Full HD 3D capability results in a spectacularly immersive 3D home entertainment experience.

Expect to increase your 3D-Bluray disc expenses. Normal Bluray content looks absolutely stunning, and now it sounds stunning too, with crystal clear monologues, eardrum-shattering explosions, and a bass-heavy soundtrack in the latest in Dolby and DTS surround sound technologies.

Your connectivity needs are also expertly taken care of by the HT-5550K, with the USB mode especially handy, capable of playing media formats such as AVCHD, DivX and DivX HD, AAC, MP3, MKV, WMA, WMV, FLAC, RMVB, and JPEG, straight from your USB drive. The audio input and the optical input allow for connectivity with traditional audio sources (like your iPod) and digital audio sources (like your Playstation) respectively. The HT-5550K is also capable of wirelessly streaming your media via DLNA, All Share, and Bluetooth technologies, thereby further indulging the couch potato in you. The HT-5550K also packs in ARC (Audio Return Channel) technology, which makes it possible for you to connect to your TV’s audio signal, and the dedicated ‘Football Mode’ should have you dancing to the surround sound tunes of Brazil 2014.

Yantrick’s Verdict: The dearth of features and audio technology should make the Samsung HT-F5550K feature highly in your list of home entertainment systems. Avaialble at HIM Electronics, Durbarmarg for around Rs 60,000.