17-23 April 2015 #754

Smart Refrigerators

LG’s new range of refrigerators are packed with energy efficient features

When it comes to household appliances, I am always on the lookout for durability, both in terms of its build quality and features so it lasts a few years at least. The GL-B2H2RPHG is one of the newest refrigerators from LG with the promise of a 10-year warranty, as well as the New Smart Inverter Compressor that ushers in a list of other useful features.

The New Smart Inverter Compressor is capable of determining the actual demand of cooling required based on the quantity of food in the refrigerator, allowing it to efficiently regulate its cooling capacity and saving up to 36 per cent energy. It also helps keep the appliance at the optimum internal temperature, maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables up to seven days. LG has also managed to reduce the vibrations in the New Smart Inverter Compressor, resulting in 30 per cent less noise compared to other refrigerators.

The GL-B2H2RPHG comes in two new colours – Marine Paradise and Scarlet Paradise – which will add a refreshing look to your kitchen with its floral design on the doors, though you can still choose from the other models that offer the standard Platinum Silver or Shiny Steel look to suit your household. The 255-litre refrigerator includes a transparent interior and a Double Twist Ice Tray so you do not have to worry about running out of ice for your guests.

You might also want to consider the other refrigerators from LG’s line-up that are equipped with the new Power Cut EverCool Technology, which ensures that the temperature of the refrigerator is maintained even when the power goes off. LG does this effectively by transferring cold air throughout the refrigerator, as well as using additional plates and pipes that are cooled by refrigerant gas. In the event of a power cut, the freshness of food can be preserved for seven hours in the refrigerator section (seven times longer cooling retention than conventional refrigerators) and 10 hours for the freezer section – an essential feature to have in Nepal.

The design of LG’s new range of refrigerators stays committed to their eco-friendly initiative, by reducing the use of hazardous materials and emitting less carbon dioxide into the environment.

YANTRICK’S VERDICT: LG’s new range of refrigerators are packed with energy efficient features and comes with a 10-year warranty.