27 March - 2 April 2015 #751

Easy cooking with style

A great product that offers well thought out features aimed at encouraging hassle-free cooking

With its success in the Indian market, the Godrej Pizza and Kebab Maker Microwave Oven (GME25GP1MKM), a stylish and convenient appliance is set to find its place in Nepali kitchens as well. Godrej Appliances have managed to put together a beautifully designed microwave oven that is made to last with its stainless steel cavity. It also makes it much easier to clean – something we would all be grateful for right after having a sumptuous meal.

From the simple controls with a digital display to the 201 preinstalled InstaCook Menus, users can immediately start cooking without having to meddle with the settings. This newly launched product by its sole authorised distributor here in Nepal, EOL Pvt. Ltd, also has an Express Cooking option, which allows you to start the cooking process with a single press of a button. A neat feature that will certainly quicken the process for simple reheating tasks when you’re in a hurry.

If you are in the mood for some pizzas or kebabs, go ahead and take advantage of the stainless steel Grill Rack that not only cooks faster because it’s placed closer to the grill, it also ensures uniform cooking.

The Godrej Pizza and Kebab Maker Microwave Oven also has a Multistage Cooking function, which is one of the most important and useful features consumers should look out for while choosing a microwave oven. It enables users to choose from five different power settings for three stages of cooking process.

This way, you can continue cooking other dishes or entertain your guests, while this oven does its job.

The microwave oven also allows users to thaw food quickly, either through defrosting based on the weight of the food item or setting the timer and using the Jet Defrost function.

Godrej Appliances also has included an array of safety precautionary features such as Auto Protection that automatically shuts down the microwave oven when it detects a possible malfunction. In addition, the Child Lock system function is a useful feature as it prevents unintended operations of the appliance, ensuring the safety of children at home.

Together with the Godrej Pizza and Kebab Maker Microwave Oven (GME25GP1MKM), the company has also launched three other models: Solo, Grill, and Convection.

YANTRICK’S VERDICT: Priced at Rs. 27,290.00, the top of the line Godrej Pizza and Kebab Maker Microwave Oven is a great product that offers well thought out features aimed at encouraging a hassle-free experience to make cooking a truly enjoyable experience.