25 April - 1 May 2014 #704

Sound of class


Bowers and Wilkins (B&W), a name synonymous with high-definition, high-quality audio products, has always been the go-to brand for audiophiles the world over. With the P7 over-the-ear headphones, B&W now cements its place at the top of the quality sound foodchain.

Right out of the box, the B&W P7 headphones look exceptional. Unlike many pairs of premium headphones, they actually feel expensive as well, all thanks to the liberal amount of leather used. Boasting executive looks, luxurious build quality and peerless audio pedigree, the P7 also has an instantly recongnisable identity. It is also elegantly proportioned and its beautiful design exudes a touch of class and quality.

The executive black finish, soft-stitched leather headband and removable cushioned earcups, and the brushed aluminium and stainless steel parts give it a sophisticated finish, and feel engineered to perfection. This classiness further extends down to the hinge mechanism that allows the P7 to be folded for easy carrying.

But, enough about the looks. If you are wondering whether the P7 is all looks and no function, then don’t you worry. The actual sound is where the P7 trumps and beats the pretenders. To state that the P7 produces impressive sound would be a gross understatement. The P7 creates a fantastically open sound, with extremely- detailed and well-balanced sound reproduction that is capable of coping with the lowest of frequencies and highest ranges with a pro’s ease. You have to hear it to believe it.

Music, especially high-resolution lossless formats, sounds epic and immersive. Whether it’s classical, rock, heavy metal, pop, hip hop, R&B, or electronic, with especially bass-heavy tracks sounding powerful and refreshing, the P7 allows its listener to enjoy any genre without the faintest distortion even at full tilt.

Movie viewing also becomes an enriched experience, with the gizmo lending each sound a realistic feel (especially action sounds such as thundering explosions), and soundtracks sounding positively glorious.

The P7 ship with two 3.5mm cables (one with an in-line mic and a three-button remote for iOS devices, and one button free) which is a welcome addition, especially as the cable is often the first component to break.

Rs 40K is a hefty price to pay for a pair of headphones, but the B&W packs in a top of the range combination of premium materials and durability, comfort, timeless style, and most importantly, phenomenal sound quality, which will not leave you questioning your purchase.

Yantrick’s Verdict: If you appreciate good quality sound, P7s is a must-have. No questions.