14-20 August 2015 #771

An electrifying ride

A stylish, impressive necessity in the age of petrol queues

Electric scooters may fall low on the ‘hip’ meter compared to their fossil-fuelled counterparts, but in a country where riders have to regularly queue up to fill their tanks and deal with volatile fuel prices, investing in a battery-powered two wheeler may not be such a bad idea.

One of the problems is that these eco-friendly scooters often receive flak for being unattractive. A relatively new entrant into the e-scooter market, Terra Motor Corps of Japan, aims to shake off that myth with its launch of its stylish A4000i e-scooter.

The scooter boasts a Japanese build and design. Available in a white-and-blue colour scheme, the 118 kg A4000i looks classy and feels comfortable and balanced under your feet. Undoubtedly, the A4000i’s USP is the iPhone functionality, which it integrates into its heads-up-display. While smartphone integration in cars is nothing new, Terra has come up with an innovative way to utilise your iPhone (3GS – 5) while you are up and about on your two-wheeler.

The two-passenger scooter features a small LCD display on its console, and most of the space is occupied by an iPhone dock. The rider places their iPhone in that receptacle, in landscape mode, and Terra’s proprietary app is then able to provide real-time information, such as power consumption and remaining battery life, along with trip statistics such as duration, distance, average/maximum speed, and power consumption. Further, all of the recorded data can be monitored through the web. The smart phone application is updated regularly by Terra, to ensure that it is ahead of the pack.

The A4000i runs on a rear in-wheel motor which is powered by a removable 48-volt/40-Ah lithium battery. Once fully charged - this takes 4.5 hours - the A4000i is able to operate for over 60 km at a maximum of 60 km/h. This is perfect for getting around the city. It boasts both front and rear disc brakes, should you need to stop at once. Terra has also built its battery to last. With a life of approximately 50,000 km, it goes five times the distance as most e-scooters.

Yantrick’s Verdict: An attractive bike that will have you hitting the road while everyone else is lining up to fill the tank. Ranging from Rs 150,000 to 400,000