8-14 August 2014 #719

Dish doer


Ever since the new season of Masterchef Australia began on TV, Yantrick often finds himself experimenting more in the kitchen. But in his desperate attempt to perfect his culinary skills, Yantrick ends up creating more mess than food. The result- a counter topped with mountains of dirty utensils, which you and I both know, can be a huge pain in the behind.

So, when I was offered to try out LG’s D1465 dish washer, I knew it was god-sent. I know, I know in the past, I have overlooked reviewing handy kitchen appliances for more ‘fashionable’ gadgets like smartphones and smart tvs, but after a trial of this one, I can’t wait to explore the world of domestic electrical goodness.

Its sleek metallic silver finish lends the LG D1465 a premium feel, and will undoubtedly add a touch of modernity to any kitchen it’s fitted in. A LCD display and soft-touch electronic control panel sits on top of the D1465’s loading door. Most importantly though, the LG D1465 is spacious, big enough to clean all your dirty dishes in one go. The learning curve is, thankfully, not too steep, and you will get the hang of automatic dish washing in no time.

LG has kitted out the D1465 with a ‘Smart Rack System,’ meaning the loading mechanism of the D1465 is adjustable as per your dish washing needs; cutlery, glasses, plates, big pots and pans. The D1465 features a ‘Smart Drawer,’ which replaces the cutlery basket that traditional dish washers have, freeing even more space in the bottom basket.

Dishes are cleaned via LG’s powerful ‘TrueSteam’ technology, which gently removes stains without the need for pre-rinsing, thus saving the hassle and time of having to manually soak the dishes first. The D1465 uses steam to clean, and this removes even stubborn marks like lipstick stains from your best wine glasses without leaving them streaky, scratched or damaged. The ‘Dual Steam Spray’ allows you to wash delicate glasses and dirty pots in a single steam cycle.

Two of the frequent complaints that dish washers generate are that they are noisy, and consume too much energy. The LG D1465 has tried to address these concerns. The D1465 is not loud at all, infact it is hard to tell if it is even on. Also, by using the ‘TrueSteam’ technology rather than the traditional belt and pulley dish washer setup, the LG D1465 dishwasher is amongst the most energy efficient in the market today.

Yantrick’s Verdict: In a fast-paced society where time is everything, the LG D1465 dish washer is a god-sent for those who are tired of handwashing mountains of dishes every day.