27 June - 3 July 2014 #713

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With the 2014 World Cup showing at ungodly hours, it has been impossible for even the most ardent of football fans in Nepal to catch all the sizzling Samba action live. As with most World Cup nerds, Yantrick’s day these days starts with a roundup of the previous night’s matches’ scores and highlights- hail the internet.

However, constantly checking the phone for updates can be a real hassle. Checking scores on a sports website first, then scouring Google for highlights is time consuming and Yantrick was searching for a more convenient means to stay updated but without having to reach for the computer time and again. Enter the Bishwa Cup 2014 mobile application for android smartphones.

Created by Semantic Creation, a Nepali software company, the Bishwa Cup 2014 app has been designed to cater to a Nepali football fan’s every need.

A mere 2MB in size, the app boasts a stylish, yet extremely user-friendly interface. The home screen displays live scores of the ongoing match, result of the past match and details of the upcoming match. Clicking on any of the three options takes you to the respective page where more detailed information of the match is available.

The ‘Current Match’ option displays the live score, screening venues of the match, along with up-to-the-minute live text commentary. The ‘Past Match’ page displays a scrollable list of completed matches sorted by date (newest first), and touching on the match of your interest displays its full match text-commentary, and, most importantly, the match highlights, while the ‘Next Match’ page displays a scrollable list of upcoming matches with Nepali timings.

The home page comprises of 3 other links at the top of the screen, the Schedule, Group and Teams links, with the Group and the Teams links especially handy if you wish to see the points permutations and combinations, read text commentary, watch highlights, and know the match timings of a particular group.

An ad-free app on the Google Play Store, downloading the Bishwa Cup 2014 is indeed a no-brainer if you happen to own an android device. This is the most complete yet easy-to-use World Cup 2014 app designed for Nepalis fans, packed to the seams with extensive match information, video highlights, live text updates, and live screening venue options in Kathmandu.

Yantrick’s Verdict: The Bishwa Cup 2014 is the most complete World cup 2014 app for Nepali fans.

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