8-14 November 2013 #680

Theatre house


Sony’s BDV-N7100W Home Theatre System, a truly masterful blend of sound, design, and features bundled into an affordable package, should automatically end up on the bucket list of gadget enthusiasts across the globe.

Since the days of the Walkman, Sony has been a vanguard in the entertainment business and with market-leading brands like PlayStation, Bravia HDTVs, and VAIO laptops, the Japanese electronics powerhouse certainly knows a thing or two about what the tech-masses desire. With that in mind, Sony’s BDV-N7100W Home Theatre System is a simple yet stunning entertainment gadget that capably follows in the footsteps of its iconic cousins.

The moment you unbox the unit, you will begin drooling at its sleek, futuristic design and fall in love with the BDV-N7100W even before you plug in a single wire. Once you have properly installed the system, it’s viva la viewing and gaming revolución. Your box comes with a single main unit along with one subwoofer, one centre speaker, two front speakers, and two rear speakers and delivers a whopping 1000W of sound. The main unit harbours a Blu-ray player and a touch-sensitive LED display to access all the system’s features and tweak its settings to your needs. Once connected to a HDTV or a projector, the unit’s interface is smooth, easy to navigate, and extremely user-friendly.

If you thought the BDV-N7100W’s design was spectacular, wait till you hear it roar. With speakers pumping 1,000 watts of crystal clear sound, your movies and games will jump into life. From the earth-shattering explosions in Batman trilogy, to middle earth’s battle sounds and music in The Lord of Rings trilogy, to Al Pacino’s ramblings in Scent of a Woman, to Hugh Grant’s soothing whispers in Notting Hill, the device delivers a detailed and powerful cinematic performance in true 5.1 home theatre style.  

With features like NFC and Bluetooth technology packed into the BDV-N7100W to wirelessly stream music from your NFC/Bluetooth capable mobile device, along with its built-in Wi-Fi capability, accessing media content on your HDTV has never been easier.

The system comes with a price tag of approximately Rs 65,000 and is not yet available in the Nepali market. So now might be a good time to sweet talk your bideshi cousins and friends into sending you an early Christmas gift.  

Yantrick’s verdict: a perfect companion for your HDTV, Sony’s latest home theatre system will make going out to watch movies rather redundant.