6-12 June 2014 #710

It’s a 3D World


With the biggest sports extravaganza on the planet a mere six days away, football fanatics will be looking to upgrade their television sets, if they have not already. With that in mind, Samsung is offering special discounted rates on its range of televisions up till the end of the World Cup. One model in particular caught Yantrick’s eye, the UA-55F8000.

A retina-piercingly detailed full HD screen, a beautiful design, a unique remote and endless features make this 55 inch 3D-enabled LED tv worthy of being the centre-piece of your home entertainment system during the World Cup, and for many years after that.

Right out of the box, the Samsung UA-55F8000 oozes class. A minimalist yet stunningly beautiful television set, the UA-55F8000 sports a thin, glossy black bezel with ribbons of silver along its edges, and sits atop a futuristic arched silver stand. Its remote also follows this simplistic approach. A small remote with just a few buttons above a spacious laptop-style track-pad below, the Bluetooth remote is superbly responsive. Navigation is fast and accurate, and more importantly, is much more fun than a standard remote. The 3D tv also packs in four pairs of active 3D glasses in the box, and true 3D content actually looks extremely impressive.

Samsung is known to stuff its tvs with a myriad of features (a good thing), so it was not a surprise to discover that the UA-55F8000 fits the bill.

Micro Dimming Ultimate and Clear Motion Rate technology allow for truly stunning pictures especially in HD content.  Voice Control and Gesture Control for a futuristic and effortless entertainment experience, as well as dedicated Basic Sports mode and Game mode for personalised viewing, confirms the UA-55F8000 tv has it all. It bears the ‘Smart TV’ tag, and Samsung’s Smart Hub offers the usual array of apps, social media options and access to local and online content reminiscent of an Android smartphone. You flip through the pages by swiping the remote touch pad’s scroll bar, and the navigation and slick animations are quick on the quad-core UA-55F8000.

Overall the design is refreshing, colourful, and relatively simple. Your connectivity needs are also superbly taken care of with four HDMI ports, three USB slots, and a Digital Audio Out (optical) and host of audio and user-friendly features.

Yantrick’s Verdict: Normally retailing for Rs 350K, the UA-55F8000 TV is available for the duration of the World Cup at a special discounted rate of Rs 280K. Laxmi Bank is also offering 0 per cent financing of Samsung products. If you believe that the much-anticipated World Cup deserves to be viewed on a truly stunning television, look no further than the UA-55F8000 TV, available at HIM Electronics, Darbar Marg.