2-8 May 2014 #705

Keep cool


Nepali summers are synonymous with unbearable heat and unending load-shedding hours. Add the now-defunct refrigerators unable to keep food fresh or a drop of revitalising beverage cold, and you have a stuffy summer right down to a ‘T.’

Reputed home appliance manufacturers LG have come to the rescue with their new range of Evercool refrigerators, which guarantee up to 7 hours of cooling after the NEA-man has cut-off the power.

Available in 310, 285, 190 and 185 litre variants, the Evercool refrigerators are designed for Nepali conditions. They are available in a variety of eye-catching colours, with the 310 and 285 litre models available in Platinum Silver and Velvet Gardenia, the 190 litre model available in Sparkle Pine and Blush Eden, and the 180 litre model available in Neo Inox. The unique colour combinations lend the Evercool refrigerator models a distinctive premium feel, which would not look out of place in any modern kitchen.

All 4 Evercool models ship with transparent interiors, toughened glass shelves, low voltage startability and 10 year compressor warranty. The top-of-the-range 310 and the 285 litre Evercool models boast Multi Air Flow technology, module LED lighting, humidity controllers, deodorisers, 2-time twist icers and electronic temperature controls. The 310 litre model also packs in a convertible box, which allows for independent temperatures to be set for that box. The lower-end 190 and 185 litre Evercool models, on the other hand, compromise on some of the high-end features.

That being the case, they do boast anti-bacterial gaskets, load bearing wire shelves and fast ice-making capabilities. The USP of the Evercool refrigerators range undoubtedly is its 7-hour cool air retention ability. For most refrigerators, stored food starts getting spoilt within 2 hours after a power cut. But the ‘Power Cut EverCool’ technology incorporated by LG ensures that the ultra-chilled air of the refrigerator is retained and the freshness of the food is preserved for up to 7 hours. Although most rival brands’ refrigerators are equipped with cooling retention technology, the offer is limited only in the freezer sections.

However, the Evercool refrigerators also provide cool air retention in the refrigerator section, resulting in your food staying fresh and edible for longer. Tests have concluded that in an average fridge, the refrigerator section temperature rises from 0°C to 20°C, 6 hours after a power cut, while the Evercool refrigerators recorded air temperature is 10°C in the refrigerator section after the same amount of time.

Yantrick’s Verdict: It’s the beginning of May, and the Nepali summer is already in full swing. With the weather expected to be no less forgiving in the coming months LG’s Evercool range seems perfectly suited for the Nepali household. At least Yantrick can enjoy a cold beer, if nothing else.

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