3-9 May 2013 #654

Experience Z

Xperia Z

The experience began with the X, improved with the Y, and now Sony Xperia’s latest model Z has become the official competitor to Apple in the smartphone market.

The first thing one notices about the Xperia Z is its size. Five inches measured diagonally, the screen is big enough to comfortably watch a video on. Perfect for those lengthy bus journeys where your phone is all that stands between you and utter boredom. However, unlike some phones that are too big to fit in your side pocket, Z is just the right size and slips in easy.

The finish is sleek and glossy and aesthetically very pleasing. It comes in black, white, and purple. A minor bugbear is that it’s very easy to smudge the phone with fingerprints, so investing in a screen protector is advised.

The phone comes pre-installed with the Android Jellybean 4.1.2 operating system, although you can download the new 4.2 OS if you want. There are a few apps to get you started, such as one that will give you the title of any song once the phone ‘hears’ it. Additional apps are up for purchase through a handy icon.

For amateur photographers, the Xperia Z boasts a 13-megapixel camera (facing outwards) and another 3-megapixel camera to take reverse shots. The pictures taken look amazing, with full colour and sharpness regardless of lighting conditions.

Videos also look good on the phone, with a maximum resolution of 1,080p in high definition. Coupled with the Walkman app for your music needs, you will never lack for entertainment as long as you bring your phone along. The handy also comes with a complementary set of noise-cancelling earphones.

One unique feature that sets Xperia Z apart from other phones is that it is water and dust resistant. Special caps protect your phone’s headphones and SD card ports. You can literally dunk the set in water or hold it up in a sandstorm and it will work just fine. Finally, a phone that can take care of itself.

With 16GB worth of memory (and an additional 32GB if you purchase a SD card), Xperia Z has enough staying power to serve as your number one mobile option for a few good years. Despite an eyebrow raising price tag of Rs 61, 000, Z is definitely worth the investment if you’re shopping around for a smartphone. Available at Sony Centre in Jawalakhel at the ground floor of the World Link building.

Yantrick’s verdict: efficient, elegant, and well-designed, Z is the best smart phone available at this price range.

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