20-26 June 2014 #712

Dream Display


The World Cup is in full swing, and you are thinking of upgrading your 32-inch tv set. But the price tag of upwards of the Rs 700,000 mark many established tv brands put on their 65-inch televisions is threatening to derail your dreams of watching Cristiano Ronaldo dismissing defenders on a 65-inch HD slate. Thankfully, Chinese electronics giant TCL has recently launched its 65E5690 model. At almost half the price of Samsung, Sony and LG 65-inchers, it’s easily the most affordable 65-inch ULTRA HD smart tv in the Nepali market.

The sixth-largest television producer in the world, TCL certainly knows a thing or two about manufacturing good televisions, and it shows with the 65E5690. With a stunning 65-inch panel adorning the front, and the matte-black finish, along with a thin bezel, a silver metallic frame and a sturdy hexagonal base frame the TCL 65E5690 looks the part right out of the box. Power it on, and you immediately realise what the Ultra High Definition (aka 4K) fuss is really about. Packing four times the resolution of a regular full HD tv, sharpness and clarity take on a whole new meaning when you are watching 4K content. It can only be described in one word, stunning. The 65E5690 boasts 2k-4k Conversion and Compatibility Technology. Simply, regular 1080p HD video on a 4k display produces better output than a 1080p display showing the same media. Being 3D-ready, TCL has also taken care of your 3D needs. The TCL 65E5690 smart tv is powered by Android version 4.2, and runs on a dual-core processor, and a Quad Core GPU.

This allows for smooth multi-tasking and seamless running of pre-installed apps like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, with the option of installing additional apps via the App Store. TCL has also incorporated its Gesture Control technology in the 65E5690, which intuitively controls the smart tv via hand gestures and body motion. Your connectivity needs are taken care of by the on-board two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, a SD card slot, an AV port, a VGA port, and a LAN port. Optional gaming and multimedia accessories like a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse Smart Pen Kit, sound bar and camera allow for further enhancement of your entertainment and connectivity needs.

Yantrick’s Verdict: Retailing for approximately Rs 350,000, this beauty is by no means cheap. However, if you are in the market for a 65-inch Ultra HDTV, the TCL 65E5690 is definitely a bargain, an Ultra High-Definition bargain.