Jewels of Newar

Jewels of Newar Art Exhibition, showcasing the best of Newar artistry, with copper statues and traditional Paubha paintings. Runs till 19 October, 5 to 9 pm, Chaitya Court, Hyatt Regency,

Dasain Aayo

11 October, Phulpati, seventh day of Dasain when jamara (malt saplings) is brought from Gorkha to Hanuman Dhoka accompanied by an army band and gun salutes.

12 October, Maha astami, the day of Kaalratri puja, a demonic avatar of Goddess Durga.

13 October, Maha nawami, on the last day of Durga puja the Taleju temple in Basantapur is open to the public.

14 October, Dasami, people go to their elders for tika and blessings on the occasion of Durga’s victory over the demon Mahisasur.

18 October, Purnima, Dasain finishes on Purnima and, geographical peculiarities aside, tika goes on until this day.

Watch out

Major departmental stores will remain closed during Dasain festivities. Stocking up your fridge with at least a week of supplies is a smart idea. Also, don’t bother looking for fresh bakery items or dairy products during the festival because bakeries, dairies, and grocery stores will remain shut.

Almost all restaurants will be closed from 12 to 14 October, so calling up your favourite restaurant (or the ones listed on page 8) before heading out is a good idea. The phone order service will also remain closed from 12 to 16 October. A couple of exceptions are the Red Dingo Restaurant in Jawalakhel and Helena's Restaurant in Thamel, which will remain open throughout the holidays.

Ways of the world

Artist, architect, teacher Tarshito – aka Nicola Strippoli – was born in Bari, Italy in 1952. In 1979, after completing university, he departed on a long trip to India and found spiritual awakening under Osho. In his art, Tarshito is on a journey of union that he follows regardless of fashion, regardless of the ups and downs of various isms, regardless of the world’s interest or indifference.

Creators, creatures, created, is an exhibition of mixed media works, dealing with Tarshito’s experiences as a western man fully steeped in the meditative ways associated with the east.

Runs till 13 October, 5.30pm, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babar Mahal Revisited,, (01)4218048

Think ink

After the success of last year’s tattoo convention, Nepal Inked is back this year for a real mother of a blowout. The special attraction for the occasion is a chance to learn from renowned tattoo artists Paulo Cruzes and Piotr Olejnik and body suspension expert Emilio Gonzales. Roam around with friends for plenty more.

18th October, 11am to 8pm, Rs 100

Workshop: Art workshop

Competition: small/medium tattoos in b/w or colour

Concert: Bobin a.k.a Himalayan Bob, Manual Transmission, Psychic Tower, Tumbleweed, Albatross, Mukti & Revival

19 October, 9am to 8pm, Rs 200

Competition: leg and arm piece tattoos

Concert: Ful’ Stop, Bidroha, X-Mantra, Rage Hybrid, Red Rabbit Commando, Underside w/ special appearance by Emilio Gonzalez

20 October, 9am to 8pm, Rs 100

Exhibition: vintage car and bike show; bike, skateboard, and motorbike stunts

Competition: Full back and front tattoos

Concert: Horny Monks, Newaz, Lakhey, Jindabaad; bike, skateboard and motorbike stunts.

18 to 20 October, Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu,,,

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