Taza, An excellent new Middle Eastern restaurant with a Syrian chef. Offers free deliveries within Patan. Don’t forget their shawarmas! Pulchowk, (01) 5541592, 9860960177

Vootoo, The new home of Newari cuisine that also has a familiar continental menu for those who are not yet ready to experiment with new dishes. Lajimpat, (01) 4005222

Dechenling, The place to head to for Bhutanese and Tibetan cuisine. The pleasant and spacious garden is also ideal for big gatherings. Thamel, (01) 4412158

Phat Kath,  Offering French-ish food, a crêperie for takeaways, low tables and hookahs for hippies, tables and chairs, and a formidable hip hop soundtrack for everyone. Thamel, (01) 4258491

Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen, A charming restaurant proposing the unique flavours of distinctive Bohra Muslim Food. Jhamsikhel, 9801282727, (01) 2239532

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