Grill Me

Grill Me, A restaurant with a warm ambience and delicious grilled delights. Jhamsikhel, (01)5535294

Saigon Pho, Spacious interior with authentic Vietnamese dishes. Lajimpat, (01)4443330

The Heritage, Escape the hodgepodge of the tourist hub as you relish delights like paella and panna cotta. Thamel, (01)4254343

Hyatt Regency, Enjoy a sumptuous Italian-styled lunch at Hyatt’s Rox Restaurant featuring a variety of dishes like mushroom, leeks and sage pasta, homemade tagliatelle, lamb ravioli and a variety of risottos and desserts. Till 30 April, 6.30 to 10pm, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Baudha, (01)4491234

Downtown, Go Indian at this restaurant, although it serves Chinese and Continental food too. Don’t miss out on the biryani. Pulchok Road, (01)5010751

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