Café Aamu

Café Aamu, If you are a rice lover and crave Chinese food all-day, all-week, then the Tofu and Chinese Black Mushroom with Rice is a must try. Krishnagalli, Lalitpur

Café Nina, The best burgers in town. Maharajganj

Dhokaima Café, Enjoy the summer and chill with indigenous cocktails at the Rukhmuni Bar. Patan Dhoka, (01)5522113, dhokaimacafe@yahoo.com

Embassy, Serves ‘value lunches’ from 11am to 3pm daily. Lajimpat

The Entrance Café, Friendly staff, good food, and quiet ambience. Bakhundole, Lalitpur

Phat Kath, Offering French-ish food, a takeaway crêperie, low tables and hookahs for hippies, tables and chairs for normal people, and a formidable hip hop soundtrack for everyone. Thamel

Mezze, For pizzas, pasta and people watching. Darbar Marg

The Old House, For times when you want to splurge Parisian style. Darbar Marg

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