Dan Ran

Dan Ran, The best Japanese food this side of Bagmati. Try one of the bento boxes with a fresh lemonade. Jhamsikhel, (01)5521027

Dechenling, The place to head to for Bhutanese and Tibetan cuisine, pleasant and spacious garden, also ideal for big gatherings. Thamel, (01)4412158

Black Pepper Café & Pub, Cosmopolitan dining and fancy beverages in a traditional style courtyard. Try the apple sauce pork chops and enjoy the good service. Kopundole Height, Lalitpur, (01)5521897, (01)5536926

Dhokaima Café,Enjoy the summer and chill with indigenous cocktails at the Rukhmuni Bar. Patan Dhoka, (01)5522113, dhokaimacafe@yahoo.com

The Vesper House, Stop by for the best in Italian and all local favourites, in their breezy outdoors seating. Also a great venue for wine connoisseurs. Jhamsikhel, (01) 5548179, www.vespercafe.com

Kathmandu beer, Enjoy a draught’s flavour concentration from a glass, not a can or a bottle. Kathmandu Draught now available at House of Music (9851075172), Irish Pub (01-4416027)and Bunker’s Hill (01-5533571).

Fire & Ice Pizzeria, For the best Italian pizzas in town. Thamel, (01)4250210

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