Eco-café, Opening of Leela’s Eco Cafe, an undertaking of the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco-Foundation. Live concerts by Rudra Band and Sakchyyam. 28 February, 3pm, Chalnakhel-5, Khahare, 985-043710, krishna@krmef.org, www. krmef.org

Black Pepper Café & Pub, Cosmopolitan dining and drinking in a traditional style courtyard, try the apple sauce pork chops and enjoy the good service. Kupondole Height, Lalitpur, (01)5521897, www.blackpepper.com

Manny's, Try delicious coffee blends at Manny's coffee lounge. Manny's eatery and tapas bar, Jawalakhel (01)5536919

Vesper Cafe, A quaint outdoor patio good for leisurely weekend brunch. Serves good salads, and steak-wraps. Jhamsikhel, (01)5548179, online@vespercafe.com

Dan Ran The best Japanese food this part of town. Jhamsikhel, (01a)5521027

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