Fuji Bakery

Tass and Tawa, Savour a wide variety of Nepali meat dishes and reserve your palate for the heavenly Chusta. Jhamsikhel, (01)5548499

Degaa Resto Lounge, For mouth watering Newari and Indian cuisine. Kumaripati, (01)5008679

Fuji Bakery, Tucked in Chakupat this bakery offers homemade goodies like apple pie, pain du chocolat and banana cake. Chakupat, (01)5543678

La Casita de Boudhanath, Enjoy a host of Mediterranean cuisine with a breathtaking view of the Boudhanath Stupa.Boudha, 981-3614384

Backyard, Modest and simple food at incredibly reasonable prices at this no non-sense restaurant. Jhamsikhel, (01)15548968

Vesper Café, Fine Italian, continental cuisine and wine in a relaxed environment. Jhamsikhel, (01)5548179

Saigon Pho, Spacious interior with authentic Vietnamese dishes. Lajimpat, (01)4443330

Noyoz, This tiny little joint serves food that tastes like your mother’s cooking. Bhatbhateni, (01)4439856

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