Inked for life

Inked for life, compete with tattoo artists from home and abroad or get tattooed on spot at the 3rd International Tattoo Convention. 26 to 28 April, Yak and Yeti Hotel, 9841471448/9841849786

Himalayan outdoor festival, run, cycle, rapple, climb, and buzz through ziplines at the 2nd annual outdoor festival in Kathmandu. 3 to 5 May, Hattiban Resort,

Wheel-a-hoops, wheelchair basketball training to promote and improve physical, mental, emotional, and social strength of persons with disabilities. 10 to 12 May, 10am to 4pm, Covered Hall, Tripureswor, 9801082797

Think, eat, save, 200 million people could be fed with the amount of food wasted in Europe. Vote for bloggers who are actively urging the public to shift from conspicuous eating to conscious eating., #WED2013

Ukus mukus, an exhibition of drawings, prints, and multimedia by artists Kanchan Burathoki and Palistha Kakshapati depicting the drudgery of everyday life in Kathmandu. 28 April to 12 May, 10.30am to 6pm, Park Gallery, Pulchok, (01)5522307

Kathmandu bike festival, bike stunts, tattoo parlours, live music, good food, and an inter-school cross-country championship for bike lovers. 4 May, 12.30pm, Gyanodaya School, Sanepa

Dutch Queens' Day, sell an unusual toy, buy an unusual item, or play a musical instrument on the succession of the Netherlands' next king. 30 April, 12.30 to 5pm, Summit Hotel, (01)5523444/5521810

Free hit, watch the Indian Premier League every day. 3pm, Bagaicha Restaurant, Jawalakhel, (01)5548148

Graphic voices, an exhibition of graphic artist Dan Archer's work chronicling the lives of trafficking survivors. Runs till 14 May, 10am to 5pm, Image Ark Gallery, Kulimha Tol, Patan

Oh to be a gooner, watch Arsenal take on Manchester United, as they chase the Champions League spots. 28 April, 8.30pm, Reggae Cafe n Bar, Thamel

Genesis of colours, an exhibition of oil paintings by Marcos Duprat, Brazil’s ambassador to Nepal. Runs till 2 May, Siddartha Art Gallery, Babarmahal

Target arena, get up to 50 per cent discount at the new paintball battle grounds. 27 April to 4 May, 8am to 7pm, Sanepa, 9851106850

A country in verse, gather round to hear your contemporaries wax poetic on Nepal and Nepaliness. 4 May, 4 to 6.30pm, Mahabir’s Centre for Nepal Connection, Thamel

Happy birthday, the folks at Sattya Media Collective celebrate the second year of their lair’s being. 27 April, 4.30pm, Hariyo Chok, Lagankhel

I vitelloni, films and music from the land of Gaius Julius Caesar. Rs 950, Runs till 28 May, Tuesdays only, 6pm, Black Pepper Pub, Jhamsikhel

Anubhutee, an exhibition of paintings of eight Nepali female artists. Runs till 4 May, 10am to 5pm, Newa Chhen, Kulimha Tol, Patan Darbar Square

Bharatnatyam, dancer Charles Ma of Bangalore will evoke the classic hip-shake. 27 April, 6 to 8pm, Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi, (01)5550191

Tech mashup, bringing tech enthusiasts together to discuss startup culture and work for its promotion in Nepal. 28 April, 5 to 9pm, Baber Mahal Revisited

When the veneer of civilisation falls off

Two middle class Kathmandu couples meet to negotiate a peace deal over a fight of their 11-year-old sons. What starts in a seemingly polite and civilised manner escalates into explosions of aggression, anger, pride, and contempt under a thin skin of tolerance. They lash out at each other in poisonous rage, hurling accusations, revealing secrets, questioning intentions, all intensified by the flow of alcohol.

A typical example of the rapid speed in which Kathmandu society is embracing all aspects of materialism and modernity, from the high-rise buildings to the obsession with money, consumerism of everything foreign, and the call of self-optimisation and profit, the chaos within the four walls of a house becomes symbolic: a national malaise that prevents its people from solving the simplest problems.

The god of carnage

Karma, Samuna KC, Subaash Thapa, Jharna Bajracharya

Directed by Sabine Lehmann

Set design by Ludmilla Hungerhuber

Music by Zogori

Rs800, 3 to 19 May, Fridays to Sundays, 7.15pm, (01)4271545,

Pranamaya Yoga

Your favourite yoga friends have a busy calendar this month, offering courses and retreats for beginners as well as long-time enthusiasts.

27 to 28 April, Ashtanga yoga retreat with Ellen, Rs 11,500, Namo Buddha Resort

29 April to 1 May, Inward meditation with Rupesh, Rs 24,000, Neydo Monastery Resort

2 to 5 May, Kids yoga teacher training with Dilaram, Rs 16,000, Pranamaya Studio, Boudha

6 to 8 May, Classical Indian philosophy with Sati, Rs 24,000, Neydo Monastery Resort

18 to 19 May, Ashtanga yoga with Sati, Rs 11,500, Namo Buddha Resort, 9802045484


Caffe Concerto Pizzeria

Caffe Concerto Pizzeria, a fine assortment of pastries, coffees, and Italian food. Lakeside, Pokhara

Saturday brunch, if you’re heading to Shivapuri for bird-watching, a sumptuous meal awaits you on your way back. Rs 1,400, 11am to 3pm, Poolside Garden, Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, (01)4375280

Cafe Du Temple, famous for its delicious food, warm ambience, and a beautiful roof top view. Patan Darbar Square, (01)5527127

Thakkhola Thakali Cuisine, this restaurant skips the bland continental fare and specialises in Nepali food of the Thakali kind. Jhamsikhel

Degaa Resto Lounge, along with the usual selection of Western dishes, cocktails, and mocktails, Degaa offers incredible Newari and Indian cuisine. Kumaripati

Reggae Bar, a melting pot of sorts and a Friday night home for locals, hippies, embassy folks, bankers, and the NGO crowd. Thamel

La Soon, an excellent place to have a nice dinner in a peaceful surrounding. Bhanimandal

Himalayan Pizza, this restaurant has enough options to make both adults and children happy. Thamel

Golden Dragon, breathing fire, roasting duck. Jhamsikhel

Cafe Cheeno, comfortable and elegant, this is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee and chat with friends on a cold day. Patan

Noyoz, this tiny little joint serves food that tastes like your mother’s home-cooked dishes. Bhatbhateni

Casa de Cass, the folks have created a new cocktail and a new menu of appetisers to go with it. Pulchok



Shivapuri Cottage

Shivapuri Cottage, good food and fresh air, far from the madding crowd. Rs 3,500 per person per night inclusive of dinner and breakfast, Shivapuri, 9841371927, 9802012245,

Shivapuri Village, eco-tourism close to the Shivapuri National Park replete with a charm of bygone days. Patiswara, Shivapuri National Park, (01)4017725, 9851034141,

Balthali Village Resort, a small, cosy retreat with a bird's eye view of green terrace fields dotted with ochre painted houses. Balthali, Kabhre, 9851075818

Hotel Barahi, enjoy a great view of Phewa lake, cultural shows, or indulge in the scrumptious pastries from the German Bakery on the hotel premises. Lakeside, Pokhara, 061-460617/463526

Temple Tree Resort and Spa, a peaceful place to unwind, complete with a swimming pool, massage parlour and sauna, it'll be hard to leave the premises once you enter. Gaurighat, Lakeside, Pokhara (61)465819


Shastriya Sangeet

Shastriya Sangeet, dabble in the magic of Hindustani classical music every new moon night. 9 May, 4pm, Ram Mandir, Battisputali

Earthwatch, live music over dinner every Friday. Rs 1,299, Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, (01)4375280

Inter college band competition, rock the living daylights out of your competitors and win the chance to cut an album of your own. Rs 5,000, Bhrikuti Mandap, 1 May, 9813422986

Live at Cafe 32, live music and delicious food every Friday. 6pm onwards, Cafe 32, Battisputali, (01)4244231

Summer fest, 12 hours of loud music to defy the sweltering advent of summer. 4 May, 8am to 8pm, Fun Park, Bhrikuti Mandap

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