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Abdicating state obligation
'Protecting the peace process' has become a euphemism for both the Maoists and the security forces to push a blanket pardon for all those involved in war crimes

The war on women
The prolonged political disarray and ensuing impunity are fostering gender-based crime.

The past foretold
If the political parties are terrified of parliamentary elections in 2013, why don't they at least agree to hold local polls and restore accountability to the grassroots?

Save the children
Nepali children are being killed by state neglect, bureaucratic apathy, corruption and bad governance.

The power of one
In the absence of the state, Nepalis are either fending for themselves or helping other Nepalis in their struggle for day-to-day survival

Censoring the census
Our leaders are so obsessed politicking, they are oblivious to the looming job bomb

Politics for politics' sake
We are obsessed with the operational strategy of politics, and have lost track of the larger picture of what politics is for

Slapstick politics
It is no longer enough to say that the Maoists are out to grab power, when the only way to prevent that is to pave the way for elections by joining an interim-government.

If not now, then when?
The Maoists are not just any other party. They may be de-listed terrorists, but they still espouse an ideology that belongs in a mausoleum.

For whom the bell polls
The only way out of the current impasse is to hold fresh elections by first setting up an inclusive government

"Did the President call?"
The reason there is no deal is that no one really wants a deal, this elastic transition benefits everyone

Private wish for the public good
The only thing keeping Nepal afloat is individual resilience and the capacity of Nepalis to endure pain and hunger

Out, damned spot
Only by confronting the ugly secrets of the past will we be able to protect the future

How to ransack the treasury
Prime Minister Bhattarai may be personally honest, but he is presiding over the plunder of the state

No hydro, no power
Engineers can't solve problems created by politicians messing things up so badly

Intolerance of tolerance
In a democracy, you can't threaten to kill people who hurt your feelings

Slaughter of our unborn daughters
Every year in Nepal 50,000 unborn babies are aborted after parents find out through ultrasound scans that they are girls

Born-again CA
Politicians are afraid of elections, they should be forced to go back to the people

One year itch
If the opposition cannot agree on a prime ministerial candidate there is no sense asking the prime minister to step down

You ain't seen nothing yet
Power used to come out of the barrel of a gun for the Prime Minister's party. It should now come out of a hydro-electric turbine.

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