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“Don’t cross the line”

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

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From the Nepali Press

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on BBC Sajha Sawal, 2 July

BBC Nepali: How will you garner a two-thirds majority to amend the Constitution?
Sher Bahadur Deuba: I cannot guarantee it. But I will try.

Will it not be difficult to hold the third phase of local elections in Province 2 if the Constitution is not amended?
The deal (with the Madhes-based RJPN) is that the polls will be held in Province 2 with or without the amendment.

So there will be local elections in Province 2 even without the amendment?
Where do I get a two-third majority? Can I force them to support the amendment? The deal is to move forward the amendment bill. There is no guarantee that it will be passed.

Why was an impeachment motion filed against Chief Justice Sushila Karki?
I do not want to say anything about it because that motion has already been withdrawn.

Why was the motion withdrawn?
There must be some reasons. I do not want to say anything now. That’s it.

Why was a motion filed if it was to be withdrawn?
Some things were done, and the motion was withdrawn. So what’s the big deal?

So the charges against Karki were baseless?
The accusations … some things are best left under wraps. There was a deal before the impeachment motion was withdrawn.

What deal?
I do not want to reveal it.

Tell us, please?

Just a little bit may be?
How can you force me?

Not forcing you, just a request.
Let it be. I am not saying anything.

A participant: Lee Kuan Yew turned a stone into a diamond. You are turning a diamond into a rock. In the last 70 years, all British prime ministers have been Oxford educated. When will we get a Prime Minister who cares for us?
Look, we will go to whatever schools we have in Nepal.

Same participant: I am not just talking about …
You are crossing the line… where do I find an Oxford in Nepal? Those who cannot go to the Oxford … why can’t they become Nepal’s Prime Minister? People elected me. If someone with a majority cannot become Prime Minister, who can? You?

BBC Nepal: Why are you not answering the questions?
Where can you go for an Oxford-educated Prime Minister? He is just trying to provoke me.

Watch Sajha Sawal with Prime Minister


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  1. Smriti on Says:

    After already watching this pathetic interview, why did I again read it here? #facepalm Maybe I was expecting some other explanation that I might not have understood. Turns out our Prime Minister’s message is loud and clear.

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