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CIAA’s vengeful Act

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


The Federation of Nepalese Journalists (Himalmedia Chapter) has issued the following statement strongly condemning the detention of co-publisher Kanak Mani Dixit on 22 April:

Himalmedia co-publisher Kanak Mani Dixit was detained on Friday afternoon from near his office in Patan Dhoka in Kathmandu on the direct orders of the Chairman of the Commission to Investigate the Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

There are several indications that this was a deliberately vengeful act by the Chairman against Mr Dixit:

  1. He was detained on Friday just before the courts closed to prevent being freed on bai
  2. He is locked up in a common jail cell for petty criminals at Gaushala Police Circle
  3. He was put in the cell despite having elevated blood pressure of 190/90
  4. He has been kept in a jail cell and not the CIAA’s own detention centre

Mr Dixit had been critical in his regular columns about the appointment of Mr Lok Man Singh Karki to head the CIAA three years ago, for which the high-level Rayamajhi Commission had accused him of being involved as Chief Secretary in crackdowns on pro-democracy protesters in the last days of King Gyanendra rule exactly 10 years ago. Mr Dixit and other pro-democracy activists had also been detained for two weeks by the royal regime at that time.

Mr Dixit was mentioned in a list put out by the CIAA in November of individuals it said were ‘under investigation for amassing disproportionate wealth’. Earlier this month, he was asked to present himself at the CIAA to which Mr Dixit had replied on Wednesday that the CIAA didn’t have jurisdiction to issue such an order, and that it went against the spirit of a Supreme Court decision in November that questioning the basis on which the accusations of financial irregularities were made against him.

We condemn this action taken by the CIAA against a journalist, a pro-democracy and human rights activist. He is being detained in inhuman conditions, and we demand an immediate end to his physical and psychological harassment. Mr Dixit should be released unconditionally forthwith.

Federation of Nepalese Journalists (Himalmedia Chapter)


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5 Responses to “CIAA’s vengeful Act”

  1. gulf on Says:

    yet another proof of indian agents in high posts to subjugate this country – dixit is being silenced for his ongoing strong voice against indian blockade. rest is just a farce.

  2. IHopeHeIsNotGuilty on Says:

    I believe that Mr Dixit is being detained for no obvious reason. The reincarnation that he brought to Sajha Yatayat is something the nation should be proud of. Our country’s bureaucracy is corrupt and this certainly looks like an act of vengeance. If good people like Mr Dixit are getting locked up, then this will only be a boost for those honest, hardworking people to leave the country and settle abroad. He should be released and a proper apology granted.

  3. Carlos Arnaldo on Says:

    As a former UNESCO Chief of Comunicaion at Paris Headsuartes, I have worked with Kanak Mani Dixit many times on freedom of the press issues and freedom of expression. He is one of the leading journalists of Asia and a pioneer of the free press in Nepal and Asia. This arrest apparently politically motivated is unjust and unwarranted, and he should be released immediately, and the unust perpetrators of this felony should be punished forthwith! The people of Nepal and Asia all know who you are!

  4. Carlos Arnaldo on Says:

    As the former Chief of Communication at UNESCO Headquarters Paris, I worked with Kanak Mani DIxit on many occasions for setting up free media, community radio and press. Kanak MAni is a leading journalist in Nepal and Asia and patriot of his country. He is a pioneer in freedom of the press and freedom of expression. His arrest and incarceration are obviously politically motivated and he should be released immediately and the real perpetrators of crime and dishonesty should be punished forthwith and the people of NEpal know who you are!

  5. Tshering dorji on Says:

    Let justice take its course, he is innocent until proven guilty. If government has a strong case, they can take him to the court of law. Multiple overseas accounts cannot be fabricated. Only pro-Dixit supporters get their say on this site. Price be wrong by posting this comments.

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