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Madhesis target President

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015


Madhesi protesters hurled stones, bricks and petrol bombs targeting President Bidya Bhandari’s carcade in Janakpur on Wednesday.

Bhandari, Nepal’s first female President, was in Janakpur to attend Vivah Panchami – a religious festival to commemorate anniversary of the Hindu god Ram’s marriage with the goddess Sita.

As Bhandari offered prayer at Janaki temple, Madhesi protesters not only waved black flags at her but also three petrol bombs.

Police had to use tear gas to disperse Madhesi agitators. Several people, including Indian pilgrims and Madhesi protesters, have been reportedly injured in the ensuing clashes.

Indian Embassy in Kathmandu tweeted that seven Indian pilgrims were injured and they are now receiving treatment at Janakpur hospital.

Janakpur is the capital of the ancient Mithila kingdom, and it is believed that the Hindu goddess Sita was born there. The Hindu goddess Ram, a prince from the ancient Ayodha kingdom that now falls in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, had come to Janakpur to marry Sita.

Hindus from Nepal and India celebrate Vivah Panchami to mark the Ram-Sita marriage anniversary with fanfare every year. But this year the Janakti temple area turned into a sort of battle ground with police and Madhesi protesters clashing in many parts.

Madhesi Morcha, which has been agitating demanding greater Madhes provinces in Nepal’s low-lying southern plains region, had vowed to stop Bhandari from visiting Janakpur. Morcha said Bhandari was ‘against rights of Madhesi people’. Morcha cadres had even burnt her effigies on Tuesday.

But Bhandari did not cancel her plan. Undeterred by violent clashes, she said: “I will visit here next year, too.”

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4 Responses to “Madhesis target President”

  1. Basnet on Says:

    Next year the UML lady can take visa and visit Janakpur without fanfare in a New country with Janakpur as its main tourist destination.

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    […] Nepali Times – Le Népal ne cesse de s’enfoncer dans la crise politique. Lors d’un déplacement à Janakpur – dans le sud-est du pays – à l’occasion d’une fête religieuse, la présidente nouvellement élue Bidya Bhandari a fait l’objet d’attaques de la part de Madhesi qui lui auraient jeté des « pierres », des « briques » et des « cocktails Molotov ». Plusieurs personnes ont été blessées dont 7 pèlerins indiens, actuellement hospitalisés à Janakpur, informe le Nepali Times. […]

  4. Pratibha on Says:

    I think president of Nepal should not be from a party politics background if we really want it to be widely accepted and respected by the diverse group of people all around Nepal.

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