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Bhattarai quits Maoist party

Saturday, September 26th, 2015
Dr Baburam Bhattarai -2 copy

Baburam Bhattarai at a press conference in Kathmandu on Saturday. Photo: Gopen Rai

Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai, one of the key architects of Nepal’s civil war that killed 17,000 people, has quit the party.

At a press conference in Kathmandu on Saturday, Bhattarai informed journalists that he had submitted his resignation to the UCPN (M) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal. He also said that he had resigned as a member of the Parliament.

“I am now just an independent citizen,” he said. “I do not have a clear plan about what to do, but I will move forward by joining hands with like-minded friends who were previously in the party.”

Bhattarai, who led the second Maoist government between 2011 and 2013 as Prime Minister, was Vice Chair of the party.

Bhattarai was also President of a key panel of the now-dissolved Constituent Assembly (CA) that was formed to hold dialogues with political parties and forge consensus on the contentious issues of the constitution.

But Bhattarai was clearly not happy with the new constitution. He skipped the grand ceremony held by the government to celebrate the new constitution. He spoke in favour of the disgruntled Madhesi parties.

As India merely ‘noted’ the new constitution and subsequently issued a veiled threat to impose blockade against Nepal, Bhattarai went a step further and vowed to join the protests spearheaded by the Madhesi parties.

But not many had anticipated that Bhattarai would announce his resignation in such an abrupt manner. He had differences with Dahal, and he had been talking about the need for a new political force but was not expected to desert the party that he formed and nurtured alongside Dahal.

In a recent interview with BBC Nepali Service, Dahal had dismissed his ‘new political force’ as ‘an old story’. He had said: “If Bhattarai quits the party, neither he nor the country will benefit from his action.”

But Bhattarai surprised many by announcing his resignation at a hastily called press conference. Asked if he will rejoin the party in future, he said: “It’s pointless to return to a ruined house or the party that you quit.”

There are speculations that Bhattarai might have resigned after receiving ‘signals’ from New Delhi, which is upset with Kathmandu and is imposing an unofficial blockade against Nepal. Dahal has time and again labeled Bhattarai as ‘an Indian stooge’.




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16 Responses to “Bhattarai quits Maoist party”

  1. hsji on Says:

    he can’t quit and get away with what he perpetrated on this country and its citizens … two decades lost, 20k innocent ppl killed, state coffers looted, seed of poisonous ethnic politics sowed, his murder friends protected. why? just to feed his ego and fill his cronies’ pockets. BrB needs to be charged to fullest for his crimes and brought to justice. they are still charging Khmer maoist generals, so its still early here. his time will come!

  2. Hemant Kumar on Says:

    A sensible decision.

  3. Hurray on Says:

    He quits because neither him nor India got what they wanted in the constitution. How about we send him in exile to India? He is their puppet and he masterminded the war that killed many innocent Nepalese citizens. He should be tried in court. It is now very clear that he is a traitor to the country.

  4. noopur aryal on Says:

    Lol ! once again the India strikes a blow at us.! Nepal constitution cant run peacefully after all..damn these Indians!

  5. namah on Says:

    dahal calling bhattarai an indian stooge??? anything crazier? LOL! one indian agent calling the other an indian agent.

  6. kukale on Says:

    next we know BrB shows up at australia or canada .. even running an indian restaurant?!

  7. @grgvnoma on Says:

    that makes me confirmed is a real raw agent.

  8. @candrapun on Says:

    Respect his decision to quit moaist party

  9. @jackieanil on Says:

    of course he is anti national element, Raw must have told him to quit

  10. @navfrn on Says:

    JNU Product. it seems he is getting some sense now.

  11. Amit Prabhu K on Says:

    damn this institution screwed up their politics too.

  12. @navfrn on Says:

    the reason why a lot of focus is needed to reform this institution.

  13. @sidpod on Says:

    As if we didn’t have enough on our plates already. We must now get set for a soap opera

  14. Luba Svrcina on Says:

    I would be worried that Bhattarai will start another militant movement in the Tarai. Given his track record, it would not be surprising. I agree with hsji – he should be brought to justice for the war crimes, along with others.

  15. Rajan on Says:

    A criminal like him needs to be brought to justice. Appalling that he thinks he can just walk away after all the pain and destruction he inflicted on our nation. Cant wait for the day his trial begins.

  16. Bir Bahadur on Says:

    The Maoists seem to have betrayed even their boss Mao. Those leaders seem to have forgotten what their goals were – to serve the people as good communists. As soon as the leaders got hold of the authority in the public offices- they seem to turn into ultra capitalists and started accumulating wealth and properties among your close ones at the cost of the national and peoples suffering. Now it does not seem to matter for you leaders what happens to people cause you have much more enough money than you had thought, and you can live physically comfortably, luxuriously, independently with that unexpected money accumulated – just compare the amount they have before coming to mainstream power and now.Wake up be human and serve people if you really care for the nation; do not flame the fuel of enmity between people and nation for the good of others and yourself.

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