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Simara simmers

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

8Tensions are running high in Simara, the second biggest town in Bara district, for more than a week now.

Outraged by the government’s move to roll back its own decision to establish branches of Land Revenue, Land Survey and Mapping Offices in Simara, the locals have called a general strike since 20 February.

The residents of Simara are clashing with police almost every day. Police have barricaded some sensitive areas but protestors are vandalizing government properties by entering into the restricted zone.

More than 25 people were injured in sporadic clashes that lasted for three hours between police and protestors on Monday. A protestor, identified by police as Bhola Thapa, lost one of his fingers during a clash. He has been airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment.

A day before, nearly two dozens of people were injured in the clashes. Protestors had even vandalized an ambulance carrying passengers.

Police on Monday stormed into a local FM radio office and damaged properties. Bara police Chief SP Lokendra Malla said police entered there as protestors were pelting stones from inside.

simara 3Earlier, the district headquarters of Bara, Kalaiya, was tense for several days. Locals in Kalaiya had protested against the government’s decision to establish Land Revenue, Land Survey and Mapping Offices in Simara.

After days of violent protests by the residents of Kalaiya, the government rolled back its decision, outraging the locals of Simara. Until Monday evening, the government has not taken any decision with regards to demands put forth by the locals of Simara.

The Simara folks say the government must implement its previous decision to establish branches of three public offices there. On the other hand, the locals of Kalaiya say they will again take to streets if the government gives in to demands by the locals of Simara.

Simara is a new town developed only after the construction of the East-West highway. With an airport in it and a highway nearby, Simara is rapidly overtaking Kalaiya as Bara’s biggest city.  Kalaiya is an older town and people residing there believe that their economic activities will be affected if more public offices are set up in Kalaiya.

By Shyam Gupta



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  1. namah on Says:

    somehow I could not understand the reasoning why one group wanted the offices and the other did not…I understood what they said…just did not understand WHY they said what they said…

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