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“Leave us alone”

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

The government has cautioned Kathmandu-based ambassadors not to show “unnecessary concerns about Nepal’s internal affairs”.

After briefing diplomats about constitution-writing process at Hotel Radisson on Thursday, Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat told journalists: “We have asked them not to breach diplomatic norms.”

It is learnt that Mahato’s caution was prompted by the statement issued by the international community urging the government to garner a consensus on the constitution. On Wednesday, UN resident coordinator in Nepal Jimmy Mcgoldric, issued a press statement on behalf of the international community.

‘We call upon them (political parties) to provide forward-looking leadership in the larger national interest and to continue constitutional negotiations in a spirit of flexibility and urgency,’ the statement read.

Finance Minister Mahat and Foreign Affairs Minister Mahendra Bahadur Pandey also briefed ambassadors about the government’s last-minute efforts to forge a consensus on the new constitution.

Ministers Mahat and Pandey are also reported to have expressed objections to a meeting between the EU delegates and CK Raut, the man who was recently charged and repeatedly arrested for making statements calling for the secession of the Madhes. The government has reportedly received information that the EU delegates recently went to Chitwan to meet Raut.

The ambassadors of India and China also met Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at Baluwatar on Thursday, the day of the deadline on the new constitution.

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3 Responses to ““Leave us alone””

  1. namah on Says:

    when we don’t take ourselves seriously, we should be not surprised that some people in the world still care about Nepal.

    How would the GoN like a statement: We really don’t care about Nepal and its political process. We believe any form of government is useless in this irrelevant nation. We are pulling out. Let these half drunk gurkhas kill each other for all we care. Good bye and Good Night.

  2. wtf on Says:

    First, when it was to their advantage, all these politicians would meet every kathmandu based Ambassador and garner support
    Second, just like the comment before mine mentioned….

  3. Jai Nepal on Says:

    • does this monkeys do not understand that majority of the Nepali people have already hand their verdict ! in last election.
    • how hard is it for these monkeys to understand that the majority of Nepali people DISAGREE with them.
    • we Nepali want unity not division.
    • if you cannot accept peoples verdict, then you monkeys have problem not us (Nepali people) so you need to move and pace the ways for us, we will not sacrifice just because you have issues.
    • we (Nepali People) do not need to suffer for your monkey behaviour, what you guys need to do is go back to the jungle and come back once you manage to become civilise, human and Nepali again.
    • You guys are a disgrace to the country, shame on you all and above all this UCPN.

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