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AIDS in the age of ebola

With the world on alert against the spread of Ebola, interest in another disease that originated in Africa and spread globally is diminishing because of awareness and treatment. Still, the theme for this year’s World AIDS Day on Monday is ‘Getting to Zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths’. In Nepal […]

Modi grills RAW

Sanghu, 17 November  India’s foreign policy vis-à-vis Nepal is expected to see a departure from the past after Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses his displeasure about the way bilateral relations have been handled by India’s foreign policy establishment and spy agencies. The briefing preceded Modi’s forthcoming visit to Kathmandu for the SAARC Summit. Highly placed […]

Modi plays it safe

The cancellation of Modi’s Janakpur visit is a reflection of how Nepal’s domestic politics has always spilled over into relations with India Damakant Jayshi in JANAKPUR India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided to attend the SAARC Summit in Kathmandu by symbolically crossing the border overland on 25 November from Bihar to this town in Nepal, […]

No sacrifice

Govinda Tandon of the Pashupati Development Trust in Annapurna Post, 17 November Many distortions have sullied the great philosophy of tolerance, non-violence and humanity that is inherent in the Hindu religion. Unfortunately, many superstitious rituals that have nothing to do with Hinduism have now come to be regarded as part of this great faith. Among the distortions […]

Nepalis dominate Hong Kong race

HONG KONG — Ramesh Bhattachan holds Hong Kong dear to his heart. Born and raised in Nepal, he grew up at a time when opportunities in Nepal were limited and passports were difficult to obtain. He jumped at the opportunity to move to Hong Kong as a Gurkha for the British Army. Last week, Bhattachan returned to Hong […]

What was in it for us?

Jhalak Subedi in Kantipur, 15 November If World War I hadn’t happened the world would have been different today. In Russia, Lenin’s October Revolution probably wouldn’t have happened, and the ideology of communism wouldn’t have spread globally. If there hadn’t been a Soviet Union, Mao wouldn’t have been able to complete his revolution. If there was no Mao, […]

Game Guru in Nepal

More than 70 million people around the world play Candy Crush Saga every day, 700,000 of them are in Nepal – one of the largest numbers in any country in the world. Last year, Swedish company Kings Digital Entertainment which owns Candy Crush made 1.8 billion dollars in revenue, most of it came from the […]