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Royal ex-king

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Rabindra Mishra of the BBC Nepali Service, Facebook, 13 October

ftnp parasA lot of people have expressed sympathy after seeing the latest pictures of former crown prince Paras Shah being arrested on drug possession charges in Thailand. This is understandable and it is a sign of humanity.

But his parents, Gyanendra and Komal, also deserve some compassion. Gyanendra became king very young, and lost the throne. He lost his family in the palace killings, which he was blamed for. He became king again, and inherited all his brother’s wealth.

Soon after, he lost his people’s respect, he lost the throne again, he lost the monarchy, he lost all the wealth inherited from his brother. And we’ve seen what has become of his only son.

All this time, he never lost patience, he remained decent and civilised. He was smiling when he left Narayanhiti Palace. He was never crude. What surprises me is, where were all those qualities when he was king? That’s why I call him the ‘unroyal king/royal ex-king’. Like a lot of commentators, I think Paras needs help, not contempt. Those who still detest him must understand: we are all human, as are our families and relatives; who knows what crises we may have to face in the future?


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4 Responses to “Royal ex-king”

  1. namah on Says:

    sure he needs help. wonder if HE wants the help? cannot help those who refuse it, devalue it, reject it, etc.

  2. rabi on Says:

    There are reasons why some people have contempt for the Shahs, justified or not – they feel they have been treated with contempt. It’s a bit disingenuous to expect this to change when one sees Paras Shah in a mess of his own making.

  3. Amar Ghale on Says:

    Sure he needs help. More than help, he needs justice for all his past actions. When justice prevails, he will be a better person.

  4. LetSleepingDogsLie on Says:

    First off, it may be easy to sympathize with Paras the human being, but it is hard to sympathize with Paras the ex-Crown Prince who was responsible for murder (or at least manslaughter) . Many people look at incidents like this and are thankful that he will never be on the throne. Of course he needs help, but so do millions of others in the country, they all need help in some form or another – why single Paras out for sympathy?

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