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Archive for October, 2014


Rape as a weapon of war

Perpetrators of conflict-era sexual violence walk free as women suffer in silence and fear Gayatri used to study in a secondary school. In 2001, the security forces took her into custody and raped her every night by up to six officers. Nandita was gang raped by soldiers in front of her children. Manorama was raped 11 days […]

“Great sense of satisfaction”

Interview with SBS Nepali, Australia with Kumud Dhital who carried out the world’s first transplant of a dead heart, 25 October SBS Nepali: How important to medical science were your transplants? Kumud Dhital: It is quite important because DCD (Donation after Circulatory Death) transplants had not been attempted before. It involves taking the heart and other organs […]

Rasuwa bus fall

At least 12 people, two of them Israeli trekkers on their way to Langtang National Park, were killed when a bus plunged 150 m down a mountainside on the Pasang Lhamu Highway on Friday morning. The bus was overcrowded with more than 100 passengers, many of them sitting on the roof as the driver negotiated […]

Narrow escape

The first trekkers from Israel, Hong Kong, and Germany rescued from the Mustang side of Thorung La were brought to Kathmandu on Wednesday and are undergoing treatment for severe sunburn and frostbite at the Army Hospital in Kathmandu. After a night of heavy snowfall and high winds, some of them had decided to walk down […]

Royal ex-king

Rabindra Mishra of the BBC Nepali Service, Facebook, 13 October A lot of people have expressed sympathy after seeing the latest pictures of former crown prince Paras Shah being arrested on drug possession charges in Thailand. This is understandable and it is a sign of humanity. But his parents, Gyanendra and Komal, also deserve some compassion. […]

Pearls before swine

Prakash Dahal, son of UCPN(M) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Facebook, 11 October I only wish people did more research before commenting on my pig farm. Some friends seem to be stuck in the past. Some say Bahuns shouldn’t be farming pigs. Some say I am showing my worth. Some say black money, some say it’s because […]

Devoted to painting

Nepal’s paubha master takes Kathmandu’s traditional art to Japan Lok Chitrakar, 54, is Nepal’s most famous painter of paubha, the devotional art form that went from Nepal to Tibet to become the thangka. Now, he is taking 32 of his paintings even further to Japan where it will be part of a larger collection on permanent display […]