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Turning grief into hope

On 24 August 2010, an Agni Air flight bound for Lukla was returning to Kathmandu in poor weather with a technical malfunction. It crashed 30km south of Kathmandu in the town of Bastipur in Makwanpur district. Fourteen people on board were killed, including flight attendant Sarah Sherpa. Her parents, aviation entrepreneur Dorji Tsering Sherpa and Anju Sherpa made […]

Relief, rehab, recovery

Last week, as vice president of Crisis Recovery International (CRI) and an associate of Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), I visited the site of the Sindhupalchok landslide, to assess the situation and identify possible interventions that CRI could undertake in collaboration with the local authorities and local community groups for the recovery phase. We often help people start to […]

Nepali steps in Norway

On August 16, several hundred people filled the fog-shrouded slope just below the summit of Gaustadtoppen in Norway for the inauguration of steps repaired by Nepalis. (see Nepali Times 25-31 July 2014). But by the time of the ceremony, the clouds parted at the 1,883 m summit and the Nepali team that built the steps donned traditional […]

Himalayan and Sourya

Two new private airlines poised to start operations The tourism industry is cautiously optimistic about the launch of a new joint venture private international airline, and a new domestic airline in Nepal. Himalayan Airlines is a joint venture between Tibet Airlines of China and Nepali investors that include HIF Aviation Investment and Yeti Air International.  […]

Brand yourself

Interview with UK-based Nepali blogger Lex Limbu, Nepal, 10 August Nepal: What are you doing in Nepal? Lex Limbu: Before coming I had prepared a programme called ‘Tracing Nepal’, in which I would take Nepali youngsters to rural parts of the country. Currently we have 8 boys and 8 girls in our team, who lived abroad and didn’t know much […]

Justice under threat

Lack of a witness protection program has set back prosecution of those guilty of the torture and murder of journalist Dekendra Thapa Radio journalist Dekendra Thapa was a fearless, fair and respected journalist, but he also used to serve as a mediator during the brutal conflict that had engulfed his beloved home district of Dailekh. In June 2004, […]

Hindi-Nippon Bhai Bhai?

Nationalist leaders in Japan and India link forces amid concern over aggressive Chinese policies NEW DELHI: Asia’s leading nations have been slowly coming together to face the challenge of an assertive China. To the chagrin of Beijing, US, Indian and Japanese naval vessels gathered for a joint exercise in the Pacific ostensibly against piracy and terrorism. […]