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PM is here to stay

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has shown just what a shrewd politician he is by systematically removing all obstacles to ensure his longevity in power. As his party prepares for its first convention in 22 years this weekend, it looks like Bhattarai is here to stay on in Baluwatar. He bought time in 2012 by playing […]

Martyrdom 101

Today is 16 Magh, Martyrs Day, a government holiday. We have been celebrating this day since the end of the Rana regime in 1951. Dasrath Chand, Shukra Raj Shastri, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, and Gangalal Shrestha were given death sentences this very week 72 years ago. These four are not the only Nepali martyrs. Many new […]

Reign of terror in Dailekh

What is happening at Dailekh district is a really disturbing example of state-sponsored intimidation

Police remove police

Bhattarai government sent police to detain policemen involved in the investigation of Thapa’s murder Less than a week after assuring Nepal-based envoys that he was going to ensure that the Truth and Reconciliation Bill reflected international norms, the Bhattarai government on Wednesday at midnight sent police to detain policemen in Dailekh involved in the investigation […]

Sita speaks

More than a month after Sita filed a complaint against officials at the Department of Immigration (DoI), which inspired a series of protest against gender violence, the 20-year-old’s quest for justice remains in limbo. Sita worked as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia for three years before returning to Nepal in November. She was caught […]

The umbilical of impunity

The meaning of the meeting between the Maoists and Kathmandu-based diplomatic community

SC orders PM to court

The Supreme Court on Friday summoned Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and Attorney General Mukti Pradhan to appear before the court within seven days to answer to contempt of court charges. Attorney Kamal Itani had filed a writ petition at the SC claiming that the duo’s orders to stop investigations into journalist Dekendra Thapa’s murder amounted to […]